"After searching for the right environment that would keep me energized, encouraged and fit --I have found that in Melexis Fitness Studio in Bellmore.  I have tried so many workouts & just couldn't find the match that made me keep coming back.  I have now been coming to Melexis for about 5 months now...I started out with 1 class a week & am now coming 4-5 times a week (wishing I could do more).  The instructor challenges you, consistently adds new exercises, provides training information and through a great workout makes you feel "new".  My friends and family notice the change...and I tell them they have to give it a try.  It works...and it's a workout plan that is easy to be dedicated to.  Thanks"  --- Melissa B., Wantagh

 "I have been going to Melexis Fitness Studio for about eight months.  I have lost 2 dress sizes & gained back the mind body connection.  The staff at Melexis inspires me every week to continue on my journey of health and fitness". ----Carol C., Bellmore

"Maureen helped me find my body and reclaim it!!! I've been attending classes at Melexis since shortly after they first opened  last fall, and while I've lost some weight through dieting, I attribute the changes in my appearance ALL to Melexis.  I've dropped 2 clothing sizes and feel incredible.  I'm stronger, more confident and more fit than I've been in seven years.  The effects are purely symptomatic of Maureen's programs.  She really takes the time to know her clients & understand their needs.  Her facility is comfortable, clean (very clean) and amply suited for the smaller class sizes that permit Maureen to focus on the individual.  Her routines are far from "routine" --she really knows how to "switch it up a bit" and customize a program that meets the needs of the clients attending the specific class". ---Debra H., Seaford

"Since I began taking classes at Melexis  I have seen such amazing changes in myself.  The classes have helped my everyday stresses and completely re-shaped my body.  I could not be happier.  I will always be a loyal member of the Melexis family".  ---Maureen A. , Merrick

I have been training at Melexis Fitness Studio and after 1 month my friends, family and I, myself started to see dramatic improvement in my body.  After 2 months I sent from a size 8 to a size 6 and can fit into my skinny jeans again!!! Since I have been taking a mix of Isomotion, Cardioball, Power Pilates and K-Bell Cardio, my strength and energy level has sky-rocketed to new levels and I physically feel better than ever! Maureen is extremely kind and always positive & encouraging.  She is an excellent instructor.  I look forward to each class!" ---KImberly T., Merrick

"My success with weight loss is a direct result of the innovative workout classes of Melexis Fitness Studio.  Since May I have lost over 10 pounds but more importantly, two dress sizes!!! The classes at Melexis generate a balance between cardio & strength conditioning unlike the classes of other gyms that I have been to.  I feel better & have more flexible muscle tone than when I was 30.  I look forward to attending the class each day." ---Lucille D., N. Bellmore

"Maureen at Melexis Fitness has not only changed my life, but has been a true inspiration.  Through her classes, I have lost 35 pounds. I went from a size 8 to a size 2.   I not only lost weight and inches but the classes are fun, give me energy & I look forward to each one.  I feel like I am in the best shape of my life at 45 years old & will keep on taking these classes for years to come". ---Christine W. , Amity Harbor